I currently use an old Burberry Haymarket key holder as a wallet, and it's got to the point where it only holds half my cards and still won't close, so I'm in the market for a new wallet. I've been looking at these 8 x 6 leather wallets by Comme Des Garçon avaliable on Dover Street Market's online shop, and at 77 Euros/$106 Canadian they seem like a pretty good deal. Red or white?



This is officially my favorite new nail polish. I don't wear laquer as much as I used to, mostly because maintaining my nails is a pain, but a few weeks ago while picking up groceries at Superstore I went into the cosmetics department and the nail polish line from Joe caught my eye. at only $4 a bottle or 3 for $10, this color called 'Caramel' was a steal. It doesn't chip easily and stays on for multiple days. Joe released 3 new spring color collections drawn from plants, animals, and other natural things with names such as 'Mallard', 'Eggplant', and 'Lagoon'.



I ended up buying the sandals by Cooperative, they're comfortable, and cute, but now I must decide whether or not it's okay to wear socks with sandals. I used to think it was a huge no-no, but after looking at blogs, magazines, the runway, and the streets I'm beginning to think it may be okay!

These are some examples of socks & sandals in the streets (Style Sightings) (Grazia Fashion)



These are some of the flats that I rendered in my second quarter for my Product Development class, they're not the best but they got me a passing grade! I thought french curve rulers would have been the death of me.


This is part of my bag family! I'm always keeping my eye out for different types of bags, and every so often I find a great deal (or not). #1 is a leather envelope clutch I picked up from True Value Vintage on Robson street. #2 is a Burberry Haymarket keyholder that I use as a wallet that I got for $10 at Used House Of Vintage on Granville street. #3 is a brown leather clutch by Cecconi Piero that I got from my mother. #4 is my Marc by Marc Jacobs workwear bag bought from Aritzia. #5 is a vintage Gucci bag I got from Value Village for $2.99!! #6 is a ridiculous but amazing faux fur clutch also from Value Village. #7 is a brown leather satchel that I also got from my mother. #8 is a round little bag by Cooperative that I picked up at Urban Outfitter. #9 is a breifcase from Value Village that I still haven't used. Finally #10 is my newest addition  to my bag family, a Coach backpack that I got from Etsy.com.




These are some of my favorite parts of my room. I share a room with my boyfriend, and I've learned that it's hard not to make everything outrageously girly (and to not take over his gorgeous antique red velvet arm chair), sorry Cole!


With summer approaching fast, one must put away the rain-boots and umbrellas and turn to sun-hats and sandals! I won't lie, I haven't worn sandals in a really long time, let alone platform sandals. These platforms from Cooperative Janis go for $60, are light weight, simple, and cute. So the questions is, to buy or not to buy? 


Tara Miller & Dena Koutsogiannis's Downtown Fashion


JUSTJR - 17/11/2010

While bored in digital imaging class I stumbled upon the blog JUSTJR and these are some of the best sets I've seen so far. They definatly make polyvore sets look terrible.
TOM FORD 2010/2011 - 17/11/2010

Came across these photos from Tom Fords 2010/2011 lookbook and their bazaar nature caught my attention, but I will admit I'm paying more attention to the birds than the eyewear & clothes.


I've never been a huge fan of graphic t's other than a few prints by 'Blood Is The New Black', but today in my advertising & marketing class I was introduced to Wildfox Coutureand I won't lie, they're pretty cute, too bad they're overpriced.
BOYS BOYS BOYS - 09/11/2010

I'd never really payed much attention to male models until I stumbled upon The Fashionisto, a blog about mens fashion and male models.
I suggest giving it a read, it definitely opened my eyes.


INSPIRATION - 07/11/2010