This is part of my bag family! I'm always keeping my eye out for different types of bags, and every so often I find a great deal (or not). #1 is a leather envelope clutch I picked up from True Value Vintage on Robson street. #2 is a Burberry Haymarket keyholder that I use as a wallet that I got for $10 at Used House Of Vintage on Granville street. #3 is a brown leather clutch by Cecconi Piero that I got from my mother. #4 is my Marc by Marc Jacobs workwear bag bought from Aritzia. #5 is a vintage Gucci bag I got from Value Village for $2.99!! #6 is a ridiculous but amazing faux fur clutch also from Value Village. #7 is a brown leather satchel that I also got from my mother. #8 is a round little bag by Cooperative that I picked up at Urban Outfitter. #9 is a breifcase from Value Village that I still haven't used. Finally #10 is my newest addition  to my bag family, a Coach backpack that I got from Etsy.com.

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applescruff said...

omg #4 !!!<33